Club Program Fees

​​​​​​​Program fees cover the regular training costs from Sept 1st to June 30th. Additional fees may be charged for training time extending into July and Aug however this is determined annually during budgeting and is communicated in the spring of the season.

GroupsProgram FeesFundraising Fee*Administration Stewardship Fee**
Senior Performance$2,800$250$150$300
Junior Performance$2,350$250$150$300
Black I$2,100$250$150$300
Black II$2,100$250$150$300
White I$1,900$250$150$300
White II$1,700$250$150$300
Blue I$1,700$250$150$300
Blue II$1,700$250$150$300
Lil Legends$1,200$100$75$0
Lil Legends Swim School $900$100$50$0

Fees for training camps, swim meets, and other additional events are invoiced separately as applicable.

Families opting for the 3-payment option during their registration will have their Program Fees split evenly among the 3 payment due dates of Sept, Jan, and April. 

Each family's first invoice, regardless of the point in the season they join, will also include the one-time annual fees: 
Fundraising*,  Stewardship**, Administration, and the required Swimming Canada/Swimming NL Registration
The Swim Canada Registration Fee is set by Swimming Canada and Swimming Newfoundland and Labrador. It is based on the swimmer's age as of the last day of the calendar year, please refer to the chart below for these fees.

Swimming Canada / Swimming NL (SNC) Fees

Lil Legends - Swim School (only) - All ages


Competitive - 8 Years and Under


Competitive - 9 and 10-Year-Olds


Competitive - 11to 14-Year-Olds


Competitive - 15 Years and Older


Ages are based on a swimmer's age as of Dec 31, 2023 as per Swimming Canada Policy.

* Fundraising Fees are only applied in the Fall as a part of the Cash Splash Fundraiser.  
** Stewardship Fees are charged annually and can easily be earned back through volunteer efforts. See our Stewardship Fees policy for more information.