Club Stewardship

  • The Stewardship fee is a deposit of $300 is required at registration by each member family.
  • Each member family can earn Stewardship points (Job Credits) towards return of the deposit at the end of the swim season through volunteer activities.
  • Each Stewardship point earned by a member family equals $1 return of the Stewardship deposit. The number of Stewardship points for the each season required for return of the full Stewardship deposit is 300 points per member family.
  • The Stewardship points may be earned by volunteering at Legends’ competitions and functions and by chaperoning Legends’ swimmers at Away Swim Meets.
  • Each member family can access their Stewardship points account by signing into their PoolQ account, clicking on the menu in the on the top right of the website, selecting “My Account”, then selecting “Job Credits". 
  • Each member family is ultimately responsible for accurate recording of Stewardship points earned. If a member family is not accurately credited for volunteer time provided, follow the procedure outlined in the “Procedure to Earn and Claim Stewardship Points” section.

The following list is not exhaustive and other items will be added as the season progresses. In addition, if you have an idea that could be attributed to volunteer hours and you don’t see it covered on the list, please don’t hesitate to bring it forward as the board can easily assign a points value should it be deemed acceptable.


  • Executive and Board Member
  • Team Chaperone for away meet
  • Swim for Hope Coordinator
  • Auction Coordinator

200 Points

  • Board committee member
  • Auction committee member

150 Points

  • Swim Meet Coordinator Officials Food/Hospitality Suite
  • Major Fundraising Event Coordinator (excluding Swim for Hope)
  • Swim Group Parent Rep

100 Points

  • Senior Position Officiating (Referee, Starter, Chief Timer) per session
  • Attend a Senior Officials Course (Referee, Starter, Chief Timer)
  • Ad hoc Committee Chair
  • Conduct Officials Clinic

75 Points

  • Level II Position Officiating (Head Lane Timer, Stroke/Turns Judge, Clerk of the Course, Chief of Electronics, Chief Place Judge, Recorder Scorer) per session
  • Attend a Level II Course (Head Lane Timer, Stroke/Turns Judge, Clerk of the Course, Chief of Electronics, Chief Place Judge, Recorder Scorer)

50 Points

  • Level I Position Officiating (Cards, Splits) per session
  • Attend a Level I Timing Course
  • Swim Meet Equipment setup/tear down
  • T Shirt/Program sales
  • Officials Food/Hospitality Room assistant per session
  • Assistant to Meet Manager per swim meet session

25 Points 

  • Attend Annual General Meeting 
  • Member of Special Events Committee (4hrs)
  • Volunteer at a Social Event (e.g. Pancake Breakfast)
  • Host a Swim Group Potluck

Procedure to Earn and Claim Stewardship Points

  1. Answer the call for volunteers received through email or seen on the Legends Website, Legends Facebook page, or Legends Twitter page. Each call for volunteers will advertise the stewardship points value attached to the team activity. Be sure to ask the leader of the activity where to sign-in to ensure accurate recording of the earned points. 

  2. The Board Committee responsible for organizing the volunteer activity will send the required information to the committee responsible for recording the stewarship points. 

  3. Each memeber who volunteered for each activity will check their Job Credits in their account on the Legends website.

    If the point for the volunteer activity are not listed one (1) month following the activity eligible for points, email the appropriate committeee member or orgainzier.  Your email should contain:
    ​​​​​​​(a) Name of the member who volunteered.
    (b) The name and group of their swimmer.
    (c) the name and date of the activitiy and the listed stewardship points value.

    The committee member will confirm the information with the Team Manager to ensure Job Credits are properly applied. 

  4. The final date to claim earned stewardship points for each season is July 31 of that season. Each season starts Sept 1 and concludes Aug 31 by Swimming Canada definiton. 

  5. It is the member's responsibility to ensure all stewardship poitns are crediteted to their account. 
  6. If you have any questions about this policy and process, please email the Team Manager. 

Contact information is listed under our About menu.